Published: 4 month ago | EASY CARE HOUSEPLANTS FOR BEGINNERS video watch online , offline MP4, MP3 format. We all have to start someplace when it comes to incorporating houseplants into our lives. It might feel daunting, or even a little scary, but starting with easy care plants helps ease you into living in harmony with indoor plants. I have lived with all but two of these easy care houseplants and can confidently say that they will grow and thrive if you give them the basic care they need.
If you are in a hurry I have listed the plants below along with the timecode.
This is really just a basic video for people who want to get the short list of very easy indoor houseplants, or are thinking about giving a plant as a gift to someone who is new to plants.

1:48 ZZ Plant (Zamioculcus zamifolia)
2:22 Snake Plant (Sansevieria sp.)
2:52 Pothos and Philodendron vining varieties including Philodendron cordatum, Brasil, micans, Scindapsus pictus, and Epipremnum aureum
3:34 Peperomia obtusifolia, clusifolia, argyreia, Rana Verde and Ruby Cascade
3:56 Succulent genus including Echeveria and Hawarthia
4:29 Cactus any type
5:30 Money Plant (Pachira aquatica)
6:07 Spider Plant (Chlorophytum comosum)
6:46 Jade (Crassula ovata
7:01 Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra sp.)
7:22 Dracaena sp.
7:50 Rubber Tree (Ficus elastica)
8:22 Hoya sp.

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