Dreamville - Sleep Deprived ft. Lute, Omen, Mez & DaVionne (Official Audio)

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I met this girl the other day that wanna know my story
She said since the world against me, she all for me
I told her God must've overheard my hopeful wish
And crazy how I never would’ve thought to be in this position
'Cause see hip-hop saved my life is such a cliché quote
But before I grabbed the mic, I was the poster-child of broke, uh
Signed my first deal off the realest shit I wrote
I told my city I'm the closest thing to hope
Used to be barely above water, now I float
Same bitches in my DM’s used to take me for a joke
Niggas talk crow, shit behind my back and then call me bro
Like bro, you gotta match one before you blow
I always leave the message on seen 'cause I don't smoke
When really I don't fuck with half these niggas on the low
And that's just how it go
She go, "Damn, nigga, that's deep," I know, tell me about it
My life be full of stress, fake niggas, and sleep deprivin' like uh

Dreams, all my shit been colossal though
Used to be honor roll, now it's foreign whips I’m riding on
Now everything I flow hot as fuck, I mean poblano though
Me and Lute ’posed to been did this shit, it's perfect timing though
Remember us being younger, talking about gettin’ signed to Cole?
I was so hot-headed then, I'm a lot calmer though
Tryna buy me a brick house when I get comma though
Money gon' help with a lot of things but not the trauma though
Had so many adventure times, we used to run from the jakes
To make it for Southside, we do whatever it takes
It was apartheid when my barber parted my fade
'Cause now I’m pulled left and right by Keshia and Adrinae
All this shit gets so deep, man, I'm hoping y'all dive in
I don't fuck with surviving, I'm only thinkin' 'bout thriving
But you way too afraid, yeah, I know what your vibe is
Always worried 'bout me, that shit must be sleep depriving

That shit must be sleep depriving

(DaVionne - Hook)
I ain't never had nothin', yeah, I had to work for it
Prayed to God every day, even went to church for it
Built from the ground up, played in the dirt for it
God told me it would work out, I took His word for it
We all come from a very different path
Look at what we been through, look at where we at
Got 'em losing sleep worried 'bout what we on
Said I wouldn't make it but I always prove wrong, yeah


Turn into a big deal, but way realer than Black Friday
They let a visionary vibrate
Hoppin' through the Tri-State
I got this bird box simply off a blind date
Now I'm in a tryin' state
Turn into a horror story
Broke my heart to the point I had to find tape
Spraying Lysol, sage, just to wipe her away like eternal sunshine
Pulled up in a drop spot like some summer times
Seen you with some other guy, long story, summarize
Writing on the wall, got your message underlined
I been gettin' high, summer crime, ever since
Wonder why ill intent was inside of your skin, damn
Dookey braids, droopy eyes, it was groupie love
Hurt feelings, no cap like bougie clubs
Sat alone deep in silence
Thinkin' 'bout you gettin' sleep deprivin', yeah


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